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Damian Ortega - The independent

During his interview, Ortega said, "It's important for myself to do something new and fresh and produce this exhibition." which I can relate to very much. As an artist, you are challenged to make new pieces in a short amount of time and sometimes you are limited to a certain period of time. with Damian Ortega challenging himself to make a new piece every day inspired me to work on my project for 3D harder and faster. 


Damian Ortega, The Independent. Courtesy Barbican Art Gallery. Photo credit: Eliot Wyman

 I really liked this piece of his work on the independent; it is his response to the survivors in Pakistan from the flood. it shows how people in Pakistan were forced to take all their important belongings and just carry it around to find a new place. it is literal and shows exactly what happened and I can easily understand and interpret the work. I like the high height of this work and how everything is placed on top of each other on a bicycle. 



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Doris Salcedo

When I walked into the room, I instantly felt the feeling of sadness and mourning. The written words on the floor reminded me of the cemetery and how it made the names invaluable by carving it on the ground. 


Anselm Kiefer




Michelangelo Pistoletto - Newspaper Sphere

What I liked about this sculpture was how it interactive it was and not limited to a stand on a table in a museum. For me, this shows how art can be important and around people at the same time.

Image result for Michelangelo Pistoletto, Newspaper Sphere, 1966 and 2009

Michelangelo Pistoletto - Do it - Walking Sculpture 1966-2008
Galleria Continua, San Gimignano/Beijing/Le Moulin
Photo by Oak Taylor-Smith


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Alina Szapocznikow - Le Monde,

Alina's work is very contemporary even though she passed away a long time ago. Her work is very experimental which is why I was really interested in it, and it's not easy to understand the concept of her work without having a background. 

Image result for Alina Szapocznikow Le Monde, 1971

Culture Events - Le Monde 1971. Polyester

In her own letter, she said that she makes awkward sculptures, and the necessity of the unknown, and the secret gland, which is necessary for life. Personally, when I look at her work, I feel like she just breaks any boundaries and uses everything that she has without trying to fit in a certain category which is really admirable as an Artist in 50s with contemporary-like artwork. 


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Allora & Calzadilla - 2 Hose Petrified Petrol Pump

Allora & Calzadilla, 2 Hose Petrified Petrol Pump, 2012, Stone, Dimensions variable

Simon Lee Gallery  (REF)

Christine Borland - Phantom Twins

Artist: Christine Borland born 1965
Date: 1997
Classification: sculpture
Medium: Leather, sawdust and PVC
Dimensions: Borland, Christine" (REF)


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Before reading the description of the pieces, I decided to really think about each and understand the concept myself, which I was able to partially do. seeing familiar objects made me think about what can be so special about all these ordinary objects which we see every day. after looking more thoroughly, I saw the different colors of stones which were used that indicated mold and rotting.  What interested me about the piece was how the artist took a lemon and made it look like such a precious object, by the use of gems and putting it on a stand.