Fine Art (3D) - Material News - Reflection

Day 1

Today we started by looking at the newspaper and using the information/images that we found interesting, in order to start up the project. This project was probably the most challenging one for me, as there was so much information that I was very overwhelmed and I couldn't choose where to start from.  In the newspaper, there was a title " do you want to be more useful at work?". This title really made me think about how different media and companies try to use your low self-esteem in different areas of your life to build you in a certain way, and to fit you in a specific category. After reading so many different stories, I just decided to use the whole feeling of being overwhelmed by the way society that wants to change your sense of identity and who you are to fit in. 

I started by sketching my idea, which started with two hands covering up the mouth of a person built with newspaper. The newspaper symbolic of the whole information that we take in every single day and the hands being a way of stopping you talk your own truth and expressing yourself. I made the hands by plaster, so I could have really good details by using alginate. I also used this method because there wasn't enough time and i needed to use my first idea and see where it goes. 

Day 2

After casting the hand, I decided to build the figure out of the newspaper, but after talking to the tutor, she advised me to try different ideas, as my work was too literal. so I used the hands and I placed them in different places, such as the wall, on the table and on the ground, in order to figure out how I can use different scenarios to build another story for my work. I decided to use the ground, as the hands looked like a person lying down, I decided to make the figure like that, but not with the newspaper this time. I started gathering my belongings with high volumes like my coat and sweater, and placed it in a see-through bag, and then placed it in between the hands. for me, this was a representation of trying to protect your sense of identity and what makes me, me, in a plastic bag, from the whole society around me. I think this worked so much better than the first idea, and changing the scale and making a bigger sculpture was really effective because it almost felt like it emphasized on the importance of the sculpture. 


The crit really helped me to understand if I was able to communicate through my piece as well as getting new ideas for the meaning of it. Some of the first impressions were, my piece is a patient or a body bag, they also said that the placement of the hand suggests that its an alive body. it may symbolize prayer or hug or can be a resting position. They also pointed out that the length of the plastic bag was a good choice. They suggested that I should maybe cast different people's hands and use the same strategy to make a series of work. I really liked that idea and maybe in the future, if I want to develop this work, I will use this idea. The tutor also suggested to look up Christine Borland and Litter Whitehead, which I will research later on. 


What went well

i believe the scale and the use of the plastic bags were really effective, as this was a sculpture project, I believe the size can really change the whole perspective on the piece. Also, trying different layouts for the piece and putting it in different places helped me to understand that in sculpture, you can get new ideas and work more effectively if you try and physically work in different areas to understand what works best. 

What could I improve

I would have cast different parts of the body at first, to see what work well, but as I didn't have enough time, I just used the first cast that I made out of my hands. 

Further development

If I had more time, I would do a series of bodies in the plastic bags with each person's belongings and continue adding to this project every time. i also liked the idea of changing the scale and trying very large scale piece, with the hands and plastic bags covering the whole room.