Fine Art (2D) - Altered Spaces - Reflection

Painting Day 1

Today I learned about how making slight changes to a certain space can change its meaning; some of the methods that I used to achieve this form was collaging, copying, enlarging and reducing. I think the most effective way for me was the use of collage and painting because personally, I enjoy collaging different images to get a totally new image with a new meaning. As this is a painting project, I decided to experiment with paint on a collage, and for me, that worked really well. As using the paint on the college, and leaving some parts of the photo without the paint, kept the identity and memory of the collage in place, but at the same time, it gave a new meaning to it.  I also thought about painting the whole collage on an empty canvas; after some attempts, I noticed that painting is not a strong point for me, therefore, I decided that for my possible outcome, I will use the mix of collage and paint. Painting on its own took the meaning of my work away from it and made the painting less interesting, but with the collage added to it and becoming a mix media, gave another dimension to it, which was bolder. 

Painting day 2 - Outcome

My intention with this work was to show emotions and feelings which were felt in a certain place, at a certain time. What really helped me to choose my photo for collage was David Schnell's Work, because in his work, there's always a perspective, and I could feel and understand the movement in his paintings. This made me choose a certain photo with a clear perspective; the perspective represented the passage of time for my work and the movement of the memories. On the photograph, I started covering many parts of the work with paint and changing shapes and meanings of it. However, I decided to not cover all of it, to keep the memories and feelings of some parts of the piece.

I also realized that I really like working with feelings and emotions and try to show the part of a story which is disturbing. after talking to the tutor, he told me that my work needs to be pushed as it is very simple at this stage. I am going to use this painting and connect it to other colleges and parts of the painting to make a bigger scale work in the future. 

working with paint and images was really enjoyable for me, as it helped me to realize a lot about my work and myself and I feel like painting is a possible pathway for me.