3DDA Reflection

Day 1

We first started by brainstorming about three words; "suspend", "support" and "surround". This led to many different ideas and helped me to think about the piece that i want to make for this project. 


Disbelief / different perspective/ dream/ imagination/ fear

Time/ holding the moment/ photography/ video/ sound/ snell/ conversation/ stories/ distort

Trapped/ preservation / tension/ forces/ imbalance




Medical support/ posture/ splints 

Foundation/ mass/ weight

Family/ emotional, financial wealth health

memory and experience

a sense of identity/  self-assurance 

biological support/ skeleton

Hate/ challenge overcome 


How can you trust something that is not stable? 



Protection/ independence/ aggression/ friends/ family

suffocating/ support/ judgment/ feedback

protect from pain 

The words that are in bold helped me to expand my idea; after sketching different designs for 'support, 'suspend' and 'surround,' I decided to design a piece of jewellery for the head, in a way which feels like the person is trapped inside. I got inspired by looking at Maiko Takeda's work. I wanted it to be more personal, and have a sense of identity, so I looked at how niqab and hijab is supposed to be a type of protection and keeping the beauty inside , but actually, many people like me are struggling with this concept and have been forced to wear it and it feels like a prison and has been limiting many people in distinct ways. 

This work could definitely improve a lot if I had more time; with the limited time that we had, I was not able to finish it. Also, the limited materials made the situation harder. I feel like jewellery making is a slow, long process which requires a lot of patience and focus. Personally, my type of work is never perfect or clean, it is usually very messy in its own way. I don't think jewellery design is for me, but I really enjoyed working in this pathway for a day. I really enjoyed learning about the value of this pathway, and how a design can be influenced by culture, different techniques and life in general. If I was going to this pathway, I would definitely focus on culture and show my point of view on controversial topics. 

If I was going to develop this piece, I would have used different materials such as gold and pewter as the base of it, and diamonds installed on the piece. this is a personal and cultural reference to middle eastern countries who value gold and diamond on a person a lot and it shows the class level of an individual. 

Day 2 - 11/09/18

This session I was in "explore it" class which was Product Design; we started by going to a shop and focusing on how fruits/veg have been packaged, arranged, in order to be protected and sold. When we came back, we started making quick sketches of how we can protect, or make a package for one cherry tomato. For me, this was kind of difficult because I didn't know what I was supposed to design exactly and if it should be practical. So I used wire for the first one and just wrapped it around the tomato, which was a simple but practical design. My next design was a basket-like cherry tomato holder made out of wires and masking tape. 

Then I made a design for 5 cherry tomatoes which I believe was a better design, but I believe it is not really practical for use in day to day life, however, it was more interesting to me. 

The next one was working with three lemons which I took the initial idea for cherry tomatoes and just expanded and slightly changed it. I really liked this one because I feel like it can actually be used and I liked the braids for holding the lemons and connecting them to each other. 

The watermelon package was a group work, and we all decided to use braiding technique, as it was very heavy. at first, we struggled a bit because of the time limitation and also the weight of the watermelon, but then we were able to hold it in the braids. 

PDC was kind of what I expected, which is being focused on the practicality, purpose and the final outcome. I did not enjoy sketching new design because I don't think my design great but I really enjoyed the teamwork on the watermelon and trying to find a solution for the weight of it. 

Day 3

This was a one day project for architecture and building a platonic structure out of bamboo rods and cable ties. It was a group project mostly, which I enjoyed and I think it was the best option for this activity as sticking the bamboo rods together on my own would be quite difficult. We made two structures, a cube and another platonic structure which consisted of triangles. Then we connected them both by adding longer bamboo rods; in this part, we struggled a bit like the structure wasn't stable. But after adding all the bamboo rods, we were able to make a stable structure. 

Then we added some patterns to the piece. at first, we tried to take some bamboo rods out of the structure to make it more simple, however, we weren't able to, as taking any bamboo rods out would deform the structure and make it unstable. and at the end, we took the bamboo's apart from each other and the structure fell down. 

For me, working with the object and experimenting, and also, finding the right way through trial and error is the best way I get the results that I want. and working in this particular area I felt like trial and error is a big part of 3D which really I enjoyed during this class. working with a team, especially in this activity was also very practical and useful, in some points, challenging, however, it really helped me with time management and getting different ideas from different people.