Ideas Factory Reflection

Day 1

Today we started the project by defining the three words that were picked out. For my group, these three words were ink, anarchism and fold. we started by defining these words which helped to generate ideas and think about the next step which was producing a design or idea for the project. working with only primary research was a bit challenging for me; however, I was able to get ideas from my peers and use my own knowledge to develop it. this also helped me to think outside the box and not limit myself to only a few ideas. 

Personally, one of the challenges for me was generating ideas in a specific amount of time as a new idea does not always come to me when I want it to. the research on the words was limited as it was on;y primary; however, I was able to overcome this issue by getting help from my peers and using my imagination. 

After the sketches that I did for the new ideas, I decided to choose one of them and develop it by mixing all of the similar ideas together and be able to get a final piece out of it. 

The first day was quite difficult and confusing and did not enjoy it much, but after more sessions and getting advice from my peers I will be able to have a better understanding of this project. 

Day 2

This day was mainly focused on being able to use visual communication. For me, visual communication is a method of communicating through images/paintings/sculptures etc. and being able to share the main purpose and message of a piece without actually explaining it yourself. Also, being able to visualise and produce a work without an extra explanation. 

I enjoyed the very first exercise, which was a blind drawing. this helped me to get comfortable and accept the imperfection in every work and not be scared of it; blind drawing is also one of my favorite methods to use for drawing as you get the unexpected. 

In this class, I learned about silhouette and why it should be drawn from the foot if it's a person's figure, as this will help with the proportions. Also, sometimes a certain medium can be suitable for a specific kind of drawing and have the exact opposite effect on another. I also learned that visual communication is very important as it will help to communication through my work and make a connection with the audience. 

After doing the small sketches in my book and getting different opinions from my peers, I decided to make a small maquette for the outcome of this project.

After this day I was a lot more confident because on the first day I felt like my ideas were really different from others and I was trying to only use the best ideas, but on this day, I decided to just work with what I have and not be scared of pushing myself further. 

Day 3

Today we spent our time looking at other people's work and presenting my own outcome for ideas factory project, which was really difficult for me as I was not confident in my work and I believe it was very clear. However, I was able to present it to the group and observe and understand the different ideas of different people.