Graphic Communication Design - Reflection

Day 1

Today was the start of Graphic Communication Design, which was one day project for Fashion Communication. we started by the materials that we brought with different patterns, shapeless, white/black, oversized/undersized, and we looked at different looks we were able to make as well as mixing the two and making a hybrid.

Day 2

Today's class was all about illustration. we started looking at artists such as Jean Jullien and Ping Zhu; this gave me a general idea of what this class is going to be about. Firstly, we started by using one letter and making prints on them. For me, this work was not really inspiring and I did not understand the concept of it. I believe my outcome wasn't successful, as I could not come up with a good idea for the letter as well as not being able to cut properly with the scalpel. 

After finishing this class, I learned a bit about printmaking with this specific method, as well as the importance of the narrative in this field. I could improve this work by thinking about what I want to represent before doing the sketches for the print, as well as remembering the negative space which is going to be filled with the ink. 

Day 3

This session we worked on the subject of fear. It started by texting an anonymous person in the other room and asking about their fears and how it has affected them. I had some technical issues at first, but I believe this method had its advantages and drawbacks. For example, fear is a delicate subject matter, and some people are not able to be open and talk about their deep fears in front of another person. But having that connection via text and not needing to meet the other individual lets you be more open. However, I feel like if I could meet and talk to the other person face to face, I could get a lot more information and have a better chat about it; as there are so many miscommunications via text. 

Then we looked at communicating through text and how we want to present the work, after looking at different ideas of my peers, I decided to make a poster type work which is attached from start to end and for people to read the text, they must put their head through the circle and should sit down on the floor. It made sense to make people sit down, as fears and things you are scared of making you feel uncomfortable and detached from others. 

I believe my placement was right for the concept that I was trying to show. the text that I chose was 'distance will protect you from the disaster" with a red marker written on the word "protect," "Distract." After having that conversation with that person, she told me about how she struggles with borderline personality disorder and how she is emotionally unstable and is scared of how she is going to react to a certain situation and she can't predict it, so she usually disconnects from the outside world in hard times to keep up with her image. and after our conversation, I was thinking that doing this is just a short-term fix and that distance can not help you and it will only distract you from what's important which is the illness. 

Creating a text and work from someone else's life which you don't know well was very difficult, and i could not connect to it well as i very much like my work to have a deep meaning, and I wish that we had more time to talk to the other person.  

I believe that I was able to communicate my message through my work, however, I believe if I was able to talk through my work, the message would be more clear. 

From typographic and moving image, I preferred typography, because there are so many deep messages which can be communicated through it and make people think and become really interested in it. if I had to do this project again, with my own personal fear, I believe I could make a deep connection with it.