Fine Art (4D) - Re-edit - Reflection

Day 1

This project is all about re-editing ready-made films and videos. This is an artistic experiment with media and technology to show or present another meaning or point of view of a story. The editing can be done by cutting, stretching,  repetition, and erasure. There was a key question to this project, "how can you take something that someone else has made and re-appropriate it as your own?". 

After trying to find different videos to edit for this project, I noticed that I really struggled to find something really interesting, as I had so many different ideas and it was kind of overwhelming. After looking at different ideas, I decided to work on one specific actor, Bradley Cooper, and edit his films together. I Also thought of focusing on only one specific movie, Burnt. For tomorrow's session, I will focus on that movie and see if I can achieve what I want with only one movie. what interested me about this movie, was the passion, anger, and action in it, and how it shows different sections of cooking, so I thought of taking each part of it and connect them together, and make an overwhelming repetition, to make the audience want to know what happens next. 

Personally, 4D did not really inspire me and is not what I want to continue doing, however, it was a great way to learn a new method of presenting my work.  I think, if I was able to make the videos myself instead of the ready-made ones, I would have been more interested in the work. 

Day 2

After yesterday's session, I decided to work on something more personal, rather than a movie. Then I started collecting videos from youtube which was about issues in my country, Iran, as well as the videos before the revolution. The reason that I chose these videos is that we are not allowed to have an opinion or express any negative feelings towards the regime that we are in, and making a video about it and showing different events can show my point of view as well as letting the audience to judge for themselves. 

One of the most interesting types of videos that I included in my work, was divorce videos. even though it's a two-minute video and I was not able to add as much detail as I wanted to, I was able to show bits of it, especially in the beginning of my video, where the girl repeatedly says "why won't you grant my legal rights?" ; this is the most important part of the whole video for me, and my intention was to show the importance of it through repetition, so it stays in the audience's memory. I also made a loop by putting the same video at the end of it, to show how every day, all these issues are happening and repeating, and no one is taking responsibility for it or trying to fix it.


How can you subvert or extend the original meaning of the found footage?

There are many different ways to subvert the original meaning of the video; for my work, I used looping, extending, repeating, cutting, etc. I think the one that I really enjoyed and worked well with my video was cutting and repeating. As we only had two minutes, there was so much that I wanted to include in my video, so cutting the bits that I wanted and sometimes putting them on repeat worked really well, as it showed what the main focus should be on.  

In what ways has the editing process informed your decision? 

Editing the piece really changed everything, as I said, before editing I wanted to work on a movie, but when I started editing it, I really didn't feel the connection, and I wanted to use this opportunity in 4D class to make a video which I care about.

How could you develop your project further? 

For me, the two-minute really limited what I wanted to put out, but at the same time, helped me to stay in a specific pathway. If I wanted to develop this project further, I would have made a longer video, with more details and more key information in it. I would also include a part of Iran before revolution for a full minute, then show Iran's state at the moment. I would also edit some of the voices and add a personal video of my own to it, as I felt what was missing from this project was my own experience. 


Day 3

Today I edited my piece and decided to add and took away some of the parts with the repetition because I felt as if the repetition was taking away the point of it which was showing the importance of it. When I first did the repetition, it looked good with the first one minute of the video, but after I was done with the video and I completed the piece, I felt like sometimes the repetitions were distracting and annoying; so I still left the repetition in, but I just took out some of them. I feel like this helped my piece to be more 'professional' and appropriate. 

Day 4

Today was the crit day, where we all watched each others' piece and received feedback on it. This helped me to get different ideas for my future work, as well as seeing what other people think and how I can apply that in the future. I was quite happy with my crit, as the people really got my message and concept clearly. One of my peers said that "her work is showing different aspects of Iran and is informing us on different situations, however, is not giving her own opinion, even though it is clear how she feels about the whole situation, which helps the audience to decide for themselves how they feel and what they want to believe from this video". This was exactly what I wanted my audience to understand, as passing the line between pushing my own opinion and the video being a form of art can lead to being more of a 'political' video rather than a piece of art. Another student also mentioned that the repetition was really useful as it showed the importance of my message. 

Overall, I feel like this piece was really successful and even though it was my first time working on a 4D piece, I was able to communicate through my artwork.