Fine Art - Collection Project Reflection

Day 1

Today we started the Fine Art "collection" project; firstly we worked on forming our own personal collection (from our bags) into different categories: size, desert island and for the last one our group chose 'value'. this helped me to get an idea of what collection actually means and how broad it can be. it does not necessarily need to be an object. 

So I decided to work with images and sounds, [artist research name inspire], I was always fascinated by artists who work with sound; for me, sound is a very important part of Art, as it helps me to connect and feel the emotions of the work. I decided to collect photographs of people with no emotions, ( no smiling, anger, etc.).  For the irony, I want to record the sound of people laughing and use it as the background. This makes people feel very uncomfortable, as there are so many photos staring at them and the sound of loud laughter is the complete opposite of what they can see. 

Emotion is a very powerful tool to use in arts, which is the reason i would like to explore this further, and the reaction of people to this can also be inetersting, because it is kind of confusing.. 

Ideas for collection project

I decided to explore and develop my collection project by editing the sound of laughter in different ways, such as speeding it up and down. After a few attempts, I decided to use the one which is slowed down, because it sounded scarier and it was even weird for me to listen to it. the purpose of this project for me is to let people feel the awkwardness and make them feel uncomfortable, as it actually is very weird and uncomfortable when you don't truly feel happy but still smile in photographs and hide your real emotions and feelings to be accepted in a way that confuses your mind. 

After that, I decided to think about the space oi want to display my work on, and I decided to wait until tomorrow to make sure it is actually possible to make a space like that if not, I will have to use the walls. 

Day 2

Today we started by looking at different types of methodology such as standardisation, formal methods, overlaying, duplication and metaphor; in order to use some of these in our project. After taking the photographs from yesterday, I decided to display them on the wall formally, to get an idea of what I want it to look like. Then, I decided to use repetition as one of my methods, to get a more intense feeling as well as filling the wall with the photographs. 

After this stage, I decided to print the photographs in black and white, just too see if it gives a more deep/ dark feeling to the audience; however, after displaying it on the wall, I decided that the first edit suited my piece better, as the black and white background took away the meaning and feelings from the work. 

Then I decided to cut some pieces out of the first work and see how it looks. the idea was to get the feelings and emotions out of the photographs, as the background sound(laughter) is the only emotion which should be felt. it is confusing as it is not obvious if the photographs are laughing or others are laughing at them. it is a type of irony and the complete opposite to what people do in real life, which is smiling in photographs even if they are not actually happy, which was always so interesting and weird to me. 

What I am doing next

I would like to cut the lips in a way which is not obvious what their actual emotions are just from looking at the photographs. however, this can also take the meaning out of the work, as the laughter can become less confusing. i will also work on the voices and make different types of it, such as loud voices or quiet ones or some played together to make a messy noise... 

Day 3

Today, we started by finishing off the project and displaying it for the crit. I decided to use the corner of the room, as I was not able to get a full room for presenting my work. but if I had more time and more space, I would have put all the photos in a small room with the audio coming out of every corner. firstly, I started by putting the photos on each corner, but after a while, I decided to connect them together as it had a better connection with the whole project.  

The crit was really helpful for me, as this was my first real critical analysis from others. this helped me to think about my work from a different perspective and be open to different opinions. What I could improve in my work if I had more time is the audio, by a higher volume from all around the room. Also, if I was able to have a small room, I would have put up all the photographs from top to the bottom of the walls, to make it a more intense experience as well as communicating my message better.  

After finishing this project, I noticed how much I enjoyed this week and I really want to do more work in fine art. Fine art is definitely one of my choices for specialising in, as it also gives me the freedom of choice and it is a really open specialty.