Fashion and Textiles - Reflection

Day 1

The focus of today's class was on identifying shapes and forms and being able to mix different shapes to form a new outcome. Firstly we started by sketching the buildings around the area and finding the forms that were inspiring to me in those structures. Furthermore, we started exploring and learning different ways of identifying and showing a new form of collage, forming a solid shape, outline, patterns etc. the next part was probably my favorite exercise which was making a form of a garment with the forms that we identified.; in a very abstract way. 

Also, we used our forms on different sketchbooks all together to get a different type of pattern with many shapes involved in it.

After identifying our new forms, we used the larger scale of it for forming a 3D shape on the body.

I really liked the fashion and textile class and it was not what I expected; I expected it to be less abstract; however, it made me think about different ways I can form different patterns and shapes and how two different forms can produce a totally new and innovative shape. 

Day 2

Today was more of textile rather than fashion; after talking about the 5 personal objects of our choice , we connected all of them together, and drew some sketches. 

After sketching the objects, I used the viewfinder to find the patterns and lines that I find interesting; viewfinder is one of the techniques I learned here and I believe it is very useful as I can focus on a specific part of my work. 

Then we transferred these patterns into acetate sheets and I used different media to be able to get different textures on the projector. 


If I had more time for this project, I would do more work on the patterns and project them on a garment instead of the plain wall and mix both fashion and textile together. Another possibility is producing a gif and showing the movement of patterns. these patterns can also become words on the acetate, like the name of the people who are close to me and project it on my body in a white dress or shirt, so it shows my identity in a sense of connection between the people an objects which are the most important to me , and blending it in with my identity?


what I found really interesting and exciting about this class was the fact that we were all looking at the same objects, but our sketches, patterns, and outcomes were completely different and that was really satisfying to me as everyone has their own point of view and style. 


What I learned 

Personally, the most important lesson that I learned today was how every little mark matters and can be developed into something which was unexpected and with the mix of different marks, you can create a different outcome. 


Perception on Textile 

I have a similar perception to what I had before this class; but, the mix of textile and fashion is what I really enjoyed. however, I can not know for sure as it was only a week. 

Day 3

Today was the last day of Fashion and Textiles; we started by styling our models with different garments,  which was a collaborative activity. This activity allowed us to explore different styles and how different textures affect the look. Furthermore, we started sketching the model (5-minute sketches, blind drawing, continuous) which personally, wasn't really successful, as I really wanted to spend time on the sketching and showing the texture of clothing. Development: do more sketches of the photos of the model and try to show the texture in the drawings. 

After that, we worked on a 40-minute project using clothes which were connected to fashion communication. this was also a collaborative activity which I really liked as being by myself can be a bit scary and can take more time for me to develop an idea, but in a group, different ideas come together and different opinions and critics can help to develop a work more quickly. the outcome was a photograph, showing a destroyed maroon, as the clothes are a pile covering the style. however, I believe if we had more time, we would be able to make an actual video of the time that the clothing layers were coming off one by one, or relapsing the time so we would have the opposite for the outcome. This could also become an installation of a sculpture of a human with the clothing items on it and going down and falling after the garments are becoming heavier on the person, this could also relate to the whole identity of a person and how an individual can hide who they really are under clothing and style to fit in the society that we are in today. 



Then we connected this to the textile class on Tuesday, and chose some different patterns from our sketchbooks and drew them again.  this led to another collaborative work by producing a textile pattern for the body on 2 sheets of paper. This time, working with a group was a bit difficult for me, as each person has their own ideas for the pattern and mixing the ideas to get a good pattern was not easy. so we had to re-think the idea and produce something else. collaborative work is much more difficult when we only have a short amount of time, as most of the time was used to think about the idea of it rather than. working g on the paper. However, I believe collaboration is a great way of learning how to compromise and work within a society and learn from each other. I think a balance between independent work and collaborative work would be beneficial. 


Thought on Fashion and Textiles

Fashion and Textiles is definitely one of my choices for the specialist area; however, I am not sure I can take the competitiveness of it and as I know is one of the most competitive fields which makes me doubt if I should specialise in fashion and textiles. Also, one week was not enough time for me to decide whether this area is for me, however, with working in other areas, I believe I will have a better understanding of what I want to specialise in.